Ignite Wyoming Flash Points

Wyoming workers are innovative, creative and scrappy. Leaders across industries were born and educated here, and public schools were flash points in their lives as they discovered and pursued their passions. Learn how schools across the state ignited these individuals, and why they believe schools continue to be one of Wyoming’s most critical resources.


Tom Rangitsch

Even though Tom Rangitsch insists he wasn’t a great athlete, he was still able to play sports through high school. Attending public school in Kemmerer provided Tom the opportunity to pursue any subject or activity that interested him. It wasn’t until he attended medical school out of state that he realized how uniquely exceptional his Wyoming public education really was.


Kristi Racines

As State Auditor, Kristi Racines thinks in terms of investments. It’s her job is to help decide how Wyoming will spend money today to make tomorrow more prosperous. As a financial expert, a parent and a former Wyoming student, one thing is clear to her: education is always a smart investment.


Rachel Martinez

Growing up on the north side of Cheyenne, Rachel Martinez was often the only minority student in Advanced Placement classes. Neither of her parents were able to go to college, so education was always the top priority in their home. It was never an option for her to not to do well in school. In addition to advanced classes, Rachel was actively involved in sports, played the violin and flute, and she was editor of her high school newspaper. 


Jason Kintzler

When Jason Kintzler was in high school, he had to dig through books in the library to find answers. Today, thanks to technology and companies like his, we have quick, easy access to the answers. Schools no longer need to teach kids answers or even how to find them; they must teach how to ask the right questions.


Jayden Parsons

Growing up Jayden Parsons always just assumed he would go to college to pursue some kind of corporate job. That’s what everyone does, right? After he graduated high school in Gillette, he enrolled at Gillette Community College on a soccer scholarship. His classes were engaging, and he was performing well, but it wasn’t until he had the opportunity to participate in a local entrepreneur challenge that he really knew what he wanted to do, which didn’t involve college.