The Wyoming School Boards Association (WSBA) is pleased to announce a competition to design a logo for “Ignite Wyoming.” Ignite Wyoming is a public education support campaign designed to raise awareness and appreciation for the good work that goes on in Wyoming public schools. More information about this campaign can be found here.

One of the objectives of this campaign is to involve Wyoming students as much as possible. The Ignite Wyoming logo competition is the first of many ways students will be included in this public advocacy campaign. All Wyoming students are invited to submit their logo ideas for this campaign. 
Students are encouraged to create their logo using any combination of software or traditional art techniques (pencil sketches, painting, etc).  Logo designs that showcase public education in Wyoming may be sent by individual students or classes of students through Friday, May 1st.


  • Every student should have educational opportunities that will allow them to develop their talents and empower them to become productive and successful contributors to society.
  • A high-quality public education fuels the aspirations of Wyoming students and provides a link between an educated workforce and a robust economy.
  • The future of Wyoming’s economy is dependent on a strong public education system.
  • A high-quality public education can ensure students leave Wyoming schools college- and career-ready, increase credibility and support for our schools and teachers, and lead Wyoming to becoming a national leader among states.
  • Above all, the right to empowering educational opportunities belongs to all of our children.


“Ignite Wyoming” is a public education support campaign based on two defining principles: First, today’s students are Wyoming’s greatest natural resource. They represent the promise of the future of our state. Secondly, Wyoming’s Constitution makes a promise to our students of a world-class education. The campaign aims to create a groundswell of public support for K-12 education, allowing Wyoming school districts to focus on improving education and lifting student achievement and increasing graduation rates.


The Ignite Wyoming campaign will use social media, traditional media, and public advocacy to build support for education. The WSBA will develop an online petition, model school board resolutions supporting the campaign, and create a toolkit for school boards to highlight how they are delivering on the commitment to Wyoming students.


Building on efforts from the last couple of legislative sessions, the campaign will advocate for adequate and stable education funding. Ignite Wyoming will also celebrate student success and, in particular, those programs that boost student achievement.


The WSBA will be rolling out the campaign in the coming weeks and over the next several months. We will tell the story of how Wyoming school districts are delivering on the commitment to Wyoming students and Wyoming’s future, and ask education stakeholders to join us in building support for a statewide commitment to education as a top priority.


Board members, administrators, parents and other advocates can spread the word through social media and by engaging community groups and legislators in this campaign. Board members and administrators are strongly encouraged to adapt the Ignite Wyoming campaign to their districts, sponsoring an “Ignite Student” of the week or month, and promoting/hosting student-created “Ignite Wyoming” messages on district websites.


Please fill out the form below with your name, contact information, artist statement and logo attachment. Preferred format for logo submissions is a JPEG, PDF, photograph or scanned original. Images provided in other formats may not be considered.
If you prefer to send in original artwork, please mail your submission to Wyoming School Boards Association, Attn: Julie Magee, 2323 Pioneer Avenue, Cheyenne, WY 82001. Mailed submissions must be postmarked by May 1, 2020, and may not be returned.

The winning student or class of students will be honored as the first “Ignite Wyoming” student(s). The school of the winning logo will receive $250.


  • Individual students may submit one entry.
  • A class of students may submit up to the equivalent of one entry per enrolled student.

Notice and Privacy Policy

  • The winning submission becomes the property of the Wyoming School Boards Association. We reserve the right to reproduce, post, print, and share the winning logo for the Ignite Wyoming campaign.
  • The winner (or class of winners) grants the Wyoming School Boards Association permission to release the winner’s name(s), school, and school district. Any additional information about the winning student or class of students, including pictures or videos, will not be obtained or shared without student, and if applicable, parental consent.